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188. Sushi making

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

I've always wanted to try making sushi but I worried my tremor would make a mess of the delicate rolls.


With Anne Martin

Anne was my Parkinson's nurse when I was diagnosed and she not only got me and my family through the first few years after the P Bomb was dropped but she also set my mindframe for how I've dealt with it ever since. She deals with patients in a human but knowledgeable way that many healthcare professionals fail to hit. I have her to thank for a lot.


Surprisingly I really wasn't that bad at it! Nothing fell apart, everything looked tidy, maybe the solution to Parkinson's tremor is sticking everything down with sticky rice.

It was really therapeutic and the sushi was delicious. Really fresh and filling.

'It's important to try new things to push the boundaries in life. Face your fears and your self doubt and look back and say 'I have done it." Anne Martin.

You can book a sushi making class at Yo Sushi here.


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