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109. Wardrobe detox

Updated: Apr 20, 2019

I've been planning to do a wardrobe detox for a while. It's getting a bit out of control in there, every time I grab something out something else comes with it.


I went to a talk by the Wardrobe Boss a few weeks ago and she inspired me to spend some time sorting it out and shared some great tips.


Before (left) and after (right)

What I did:

- shed a few items

- standardised coat hangers

- shirts hung by sleeve length and colour

- jackets hung by colour

- swapped rails so jackets hang above


Before (left) and after (right)

What I did:

- shed a few items

- standardised coat hangers

- dresses hung by type and colour

- tops hung by type and colour

- removed long lightweight jackets to replace winter coats in hallway (optimistic!)

- removed cardigans to go in jumper drawer


Before (left) and after (right)

What I did:

- shed a few items

- trousers moved from hangers to inbuilt hanging rails

- jeans moved from hanging rails to bottom of wardrobe

- skirts hung by length


Leave time

Don't start doing this an hour before bed. It'll take about a day to do it properly. You don't want to get stuck with everything all over your bed when you're desperate to get into it.

Do the maths

If you work 80% of your time and spend 10% relaxing with friends and 10% at the gym then your wardrobe should reflect that.

Be brutal-ish

Haven't worn it in a while? Need to lose weight to fit into it? Saving it for the children? These things shouldn't be taking up space in your wardrobe. Anything you haven't worn in a while but you think you might want to can go onto a 'maybe rail/pile/section.' If you wear it with two weeks you're allowed to consider keeping it. Anything to keep for the future children or which has sentimental attachment should be stored carefully somewhere else in your house.

The 'maybe rail'

Make a mess

The mess will have to get worse before it can get better sadly. Pull everything out onto the floor, take everything off its hanger and start afresh.

Move stuff around

If you can move the rails in the wardrobe, change shelves or put things in different places try it, it might work better.

Or alternatively, get the Wardrobe Boss in!


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