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268. Catwalk model

When Parkinson's UK got in touch and asked if I wanted to be part of a catwalk show I bit their hand off at the opportunity.


With Charlotte Edwards


The event ended up being postponed a few times due to COVID so I was happily surprised when planning began and it looked like it might actually go ahead.

I spoke with Charlotte and she suggested I style the 2nd scene in the show, a brand named RESET designed by Monika Dugar who I became friends with earlier in my f---itlist journey. I immediately thought of a circus theme after visiting the venue, the beautiful Proud Cabaret, which had the drama vibe nailed.

The event itself was incredible. I felt a massive amount of pride strutting down the catwalk with professional models (the loveliest bunch of people) and my friends with Parkinson's felt very empowering. I've never been so aware of my own walking until I saw the pro models who seemed to be actually in control of both legs! I wonder what that's like!

One of the high spots of the night was a surprise performance by the singer Sonique, a bit of a favourite from my younger days, and when she asked to have her photo taken with me I almost keeled over with excitement.

I loved working with Charlotte and her compassion was felt through every bit of the event, from the way the other models treated us, how the garment designers made us feel (especially the lovely Yane from Leblon London who sent me my rainbow sequin 2-piece after the event!) and how supportive the audience were. I've made a friend for life.

And the event made £60,000, a success in every way you can measure it.


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