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152. Chiropractor

Finally someone today made plans for my neck.


I hadn't thought of seeing a chiropractor. To be honest, I thought they only dealt with bones not muscles so they didn't seem relevant to my problem. But the consultant suggested I find a local physio and when I called one in Greenwich they said their one was on maternity leave but they could see me and they were chiropractors. I thought it wouldn't hurt to go and let them have a look.

My neck feels slightly loosened from the botox which is kicking in so I strike while the iron's hot and go in to see them. I feel as if I have a window of opportunity to make some strides forwards.

The chiropractor is called Joe and he looks at my neck and for the first time in a long time says 'I'm going to ...' Everyone recently has been saying 'maybe we could try...' or 'I'll give ... a go'. I really appreciate his attitude. He's requested my scans from my consultant and doctor so he can start some proper work on my neck.

I'm excited.


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