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69. Compassionate breathing

Sunday has become a bit of a restorative day for me. And it's sorely needed when I'm doing so many activities, a lot of them in the evenings, and pushing myself. My talented friend Sarah pulled together a list of healing activities for me to do that would be new for me but would help with my general wellbeing.


With Sarah Waite

Founder of Sēing, Sarah is a qualified psychologist, coach, hypnotherapist, meditation teacher, and vibro-acoustics (sound healing / gong) practitioner. She’s been meditating since her teens, and even (accidentally) lived with nuns. Over the years, she’s taught, worked with hundreds of people and companies, in sessions, events, talks and workshops, all over the world.


Tonight we did an activity that focussed on breathing, something we do 16 times a minute, 960 times per hour, 23,040 times per day, 8,409,600 times per year with the average person taking 682,859,520 breaths during their lifetime. When you put it like that it really makes you question the quality of those breaths, where you're taking them and whether they are doing you good.

Sarah taught me an activity called Compassionate Breathing, where you are aware of your breathing and attach words or values to each breath to nurture yourself or someone else.

If you'd like to give it a try find somewhere comfortable to sit and play the video below, you just need the sound, the image won't change. If you're anything like me it makes me really sleepy so don't do it while driving etc!!


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