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108. Domain auctions

Updated: Apr 20, 2019

I'm a sucker for a good website address. I remember squealing with delight when I realised that I could get the domain name for this blog. Who knew you could put three hyphens in the middle of a domain name?!

I like buying them and over the years i've amassed a small collection of potential ones for projects I thought about but never did or ideas I've had. They just sit there waiting for me. I never pay more than about £10 for one so it's not breaking the bank to renew them but I do often think it's a waste that they are unused, sat there with so much potential.

Thanks to a chance email by a guy enquiring about one of my domain names and whether he could buy it I discovered the joy of domain auctions. This is a place where domains go to die and you can bring them back to life. You can bid or buy it now on domain names of all different types and there are some absolute gems in there.

I negotiated a deal with the guy on my £10 domain name (bought last year for a flash-in-the-pan idea to do with sending letters to your children for them to keep when they're older) and made a healthy profit so I decided to invest £10 back into another name but also to list some of my other domains on the aftermarket and see what happens.

The domain name I chose will work perfectly if I decide to take this project onwards and make something of it so i'll keep it a secret for now.


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