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93. Escape room

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

Picture the scene.

Three intrepid adventurers stand in a darkened hallway. There is a door in front of them with a cryptic message written next to the lock. By the fading light of a single torch they try to decipher its strange symbols.


With Gil Drori and Bex Band

Gil is an Israeli travel blogger and Bex is the founder of Love Her Wild.


The floor creaks overhead. Is it Brent Chadwick, the strange and crazed son of Lucille returning to the room that guards her ashes? They thought they had more time.

They rack their brains, trying to summon up high school maths, equations and trigonometry, the words in front of them glowing and jumping and still not making any sense. They rattle the door in frustration. The torch flickers into inaction leaving them in the dark as more footsteps creak overhead.

The panic begins to rise. With only an hour to escape before Brent returns time is not on their side. They wind up the torch and stare intently once again at the locked door feeling their blood pumping harder and their hearts quickening.

'Errr guys.' A chirpy voice crackles over the walkie-talkie. 'Maybe try the other door. The unlocked one.'


After spending around 4 minutes trying to get INTO the escape room (!) we also got into the right headspace and things improved. I won't go into detail because i wouldn't want to a) spoil it for you b) give you the ammo to go and beat us but I will just say that it challenged us, brought out our competitive sides and was lots of fun. And we just made it out under the hour!

Buy tickets here and see if you can beat our time!


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