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57. Facial scan

Around two years ago I went to a women's networking event and met a lovely girl who was part of the team setting up a new salon in Greenwich.


With Agata Graciova

Agata is an aesthetician at the Nova Clinic in Greenwich. She really is one of the sweetest people i've ever met.


I've always been fairly low maintenance as far as beauty is concerned, choosing to do most of it myself because beauty salons are really intimidating. But I've started finding doing my nails and eyebrows are getting trickier so when she made it sound so inclusive and so friendly and they offered me a free treatment I thought it was worth a go.

Since then I started to go to Nova for everything. It's the friendliest place, they accommodate me in any way possible (their nail technician lets me lie down when she does manicures) and they always remember who I am.

Sadly they cut back their services to focus less on spa treatments and more on aesthetics but I noticed they offered a facial scan which will tell you what condition your skin is in. Out of morbid curiosity I booked in.

They use a skin diagnostic machine to get to the bottom of why your skin isn’t looking as good as it could. The machine, using different lamps, takes 6 pictures which can reveal a whole host of problems under the skin even those that are difficult to diagnose with the human eye.

• Acne

• Free oil flow

• Plugged pores

• Areas of keratinised skin

• Areas with diminished circulation

• Dehydrated skin

• Vascular conditions

• Rosacea

• Skin irritations

• Areas with collagen loss

• Sensitive and thinned skin areas

• Wrinkle formations

• Fine skin surface texture

• Fine line patterns

Luckily, she said my skin was in pretty good shape, aside from some breakouts on the chin caused by rubbing against my neck brace it wasn't looking too bad. She suggested adding cleanser with a little bit of acid in it to help clear up breakouts.


You can book in at Nova here.


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