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177. Fashion show

A while ago a Fashion Design Development student from London College of Fashion connected with me on Instagram and invited me to her final year catwalk show.


With Monika Dugar

After 8 years working in the finance industry Monika made the switch to pursue her love for creativity and innovation through Fashion Design. She became a student at London College of Fashion at 24 and became curious about the concept of Visual Control of Locomotion in Parkinson’s disease, a condition her father had been diagnosed with. This led to her designing a final collection which not only looks great but features patterns which could actually aid mobility in people with Parkinson's.


I arrived at the event, tried to look fashionable and settled down to enjoy the show, expecting there to be some bonkers creations! The quality of work was really high with some actually really wearable garments.

Then the moment came for Monika's garments to sashay down the runway. Having not seen anything other than some preliminary work on her instagram I was excited. I love things that are creative but have meaning or substance to them.

And the outfits looked great.

After the show I even got to meet Monika and her lovely family which was a real treat.

'Technology is not always it. Why can’t smart be simple and effective? A Simple solution that can make them feel more confident and not pitiful. All we need is a little bit of empathy and some curiosity, to go out there, and make the world a better place.' Monika Dugar

If you're interested in finding out more email me on the contact form and i'll link you up with Monika.


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