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224. Feeding red kites

My friend Richard thinks I should create a sister blog to this one called the 'MissedIt' List for all the activities that don't work out, get cancelled or I'm too late for because I've spent 25 minutes trying to put on a jacket.


I'm inclined to agree. The very nature of Parkinson's and it's total randomness means that managing to get ready and out of the door for 247 adventures so far has been nothing short of a miracle.

But today, I sort of missed my activity. And guess what? It wasn't my fault (or Parkinson's) for the first time ever in the history of Emma.

We were visiting Bwlch Nant yr Arian, a beautiful area in the Cambrian mountains where Richard had organised for me to join the Ranger in feeding the areas Red Kites. We arrived early, had some lunch and headed to the shop to meet the Ranger.

When she didn't show up we made our way down to the feeding/viewing area, a pretty long walk so it was a miracle my feet were behaving, and we arrived just as she was distributing the meat. Damn.

As the birds began to swoop in any frustration I had evaporated. They were so majestic and coordinated in their descent, waiting for one leader to dip down and grab the meat first before the rest followed. We stood and watched until the swathe of birds thinned and started our walk back up to the car.

Not exactly what I had planned but 'watching Red Kites feed' is still a pretty epic f---it.


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