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217. Fragrance consultation

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

My perfume choices in the past have been made mainly on the following criteria:

1. Is it cheap in duty free?

2. Does it smell better than me?


Because of this for years my go to's have been CK1 (cheap) and D&G L'Imperatrice (smells nice) so when I saw that Molton Brown were doing a fragrance pairing pop-up I was intrigued to go along and see what they thought I should be wearing.

I tend to normally go for quite androgynous scents, things that are quite clean, usually citrusy and light. But I went with an open mind to see what they would match me with. They took me through a number of questions with visual answers where I had to select the one that I felt most attracted to. Based on these decisions they assigned me a character profile and then a perfume from their new range that correlated with that.

I had spotted they did a geranium based sent and I'm usually a big fan of that so I was hoping that it would come out as my pairing secretly. However the test results suggested I would like their gingerlilly one. I smelt it and it was actually beautiful. Perhaps more floral and feminine than I would normally choose but actually probably more suited to my personality and style.

I was able to sample a few others so I chose a couple that sounded more like something I'd normally pick but strangely kept returning to the one that I'd been assigned.

The popup space seemed to get more beautiful at the end of every staircase and the bottles totally held their own in the gallery space with their gorgeous spheres on top, each one unique.

Upstairs I was encouraged to try my favourite scents again but this time while eating various items of food. The geranium perfume had a slightly chocolatey note to it so I tried that with a piece of chocolate and that scent disappeared. The gingerlilly one was quite floral and eating Turkish Delight whilst smelling it brought that out even more.

It was a fascinating experience in a gorgeous space and I left with samples of my chosen scents to test them out in the wild and other goodies in a variety of lovely smells.

Now I just need to be good for the rest of the year so Santa brings me a bottle.

View the fragrance range here.


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