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61. Guided meditation

I haven't meditated in a long time, not properly anyway.


Being a single girl with Parkinson's can often be very difficult. I'm an easy target for weirdos, fakes and the overly aggressive. Today for some reason Tinder was ripe with all of them. During the day I found myself arguing with idiots, confronting catfish from the past and being unmatched by many. Which is fine, no great loss, but exhausting.

I'm feeling a little bruised, cross with myself for getting sucked in and in need of some TLC. My friend Sarah had sent me details of some guided meditations that might help me to reboot. A guided meditation is an audio file of a particular length filled with spoken affirmations or guidance to aid meditation and aimed at getting you to a particular goal or feeling. There are apps you can use to access them.

Before bed I've selected one which focuses on self-compassion and kindness. I'll report back!

** UPDATE ** I relaxed into it and went to sleep feeling a lot more positive like I've resolved a few things. Will definitely be using this again in the future.


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