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43. Origami

Updated: Feb 15, 2019

Intricate folding with a tremor? Yeah! Sure!


With Laura Phillips

Laura works as Telephone Services Volunteer Coordinator on the Parkinson's UK Telephone Helpline, a group of incredible humans who provide our frontline support to people living with the condition and those that love them as well as info to professionals and the general public. Perhaps the patience and tact she requires for the role will help her when teaching me. In her spare time she helps to deliver a Dance for Parkinson’s class which she's assisted with for 5 years, making the most of her background in dance and as an Occupational Therapist.

She sells origami gifts at Lo and Befold.


I know for a fact a few people have been waiting with baited breath to see how my shaky hands would massacre a folded crane. But I was luckily fairly tremor free so I won't be granting them that satisfaction!

I was pretty good at this actually, apart from some slightly dubious corners I think it looked quite neat and like the creature it was supposed to be.

Laura is a brilliant teacher, very methodical and clear. I'm keen to buy some paper when I'm in Japan later in the year and try and practice it.

'It’s important to challenge yourself and learn new things as it stimulates those passive pathways in the mind and body that get used to the status quo. Keeps us active and engaged.' Laura.


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