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162. Outdoor sound meditation

I feel lucky that Sarah is my friend for many reasons. Not least because she has the power to send me into a relaxed trance within literally a few minutes.


With Sarah Waite

Founder of Sēing, Sarah is a qualified psychologist, coach, hypnotherapist, meditation teacher, and vibro-acoustics (sound healing / gong) practitioner. She’s been meditating since her teens, and even (accidentally) lived with nuns. Over the years, she’s taught, worked with hundreds of people and companies, in sessions, events, talks and workshops, all over the world. I met Sarah at an event I was sharing my story at and loved her warmth and openness.


Sarah treated me and the other Yestival goers to a gong bath this morning and it was a blissful way to start the day. It was like nature wanted to sing along and hearing the birds tweeting along added an extra dimension.

photo by Julia Geens

The funny story is how we got all the gongs and musical instruments down to the festival. In a tiny car.


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