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191. Performance art

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

I have a bit of an aversion to overly conceptual art. I think it's the commercial side of me as a designer that doesn't 'get' what its purpose is.

The blurb says:

'Alchemical is an evening of new video and sound performance around the alchemical elements by Lori E. Allen and Rachel Pimm featuring two new works in response to dark matter, thinking through the Periodic Table to global historical and material pasts and non-empirical sciences.

S is a steam, a smoke, a hiss and a gurgle. A listen with rather than a speak for the minerals bubbling from the ground in salty acidic hydrothermal pools. Beginning at sulfur-yellow stained Dallol in the Danakil Depression, the lowest and hottest place on earth, there is an eruption of chemistry and astrobiology at the rift of 4 diverging tectonic plates where the mantle is at its most accessible and unstable. The land performs its own aliveness and toxicity, a cacophonous soundscape of productive materiality telling the geological story of the alchemical element of sulfur through the open mouths of volcanos, fumaroles, geysers and hyper saline thermal salt lakes.'

Emma says:

It was basically two topless girls gargling water into a microphone.


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