3. Phonetic alphabet

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

I decided to stop getting laughed at by call centre staff and fess up to not actually really knowing the phonetic alphabet. Calls that feature '(L)emon (A)ntelope (W)ater (T)iger (O)rganism (N)ugget' will be a thing of the past.

With Chris Shirley

I met Chris back in 2017 when having seen me speak at Yestival he wrote a lovely post about me on Instagram. We bonded over our love of hairbrained schemes (guess who I was with when I came up with this one) and typography. As well as being a fantastic creative sounding board Chris, as an ex military man, world record holder, serial adventurer and charitable organisation founder is someone I will always turn to for practical and emotional advice.

We somehow ended up embracing our inner kids and making our own alphabet as the other one felt a bit dry.

Our new (fun)etic alphabet:

A - Alligator

B - Boob

C - Chris

D - Douche

E - Emma

F - Fuckit</