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21. Public transport

Most of you probably wouldn't consider travelling on a tube an adventure (unless you've experienced Bank Station at rush hour.) But having not been able to navigate easily around on public transport for around 18 months I was excited today to use my new neck brace and be a normal commuter again.

Photo by Pau Casals

When my neck first started to misbehave I began to get taxis as often as I could and it put a real strain on me financially. Around that time a new app advert popped up on Instagram offering £3 taxi rides so I checked it out.

That's when my little love affair with Viavan began. With cheap pool journeys, monthly passes and better driver conditions (most drivers who do this and other driving prefer Viavan) it meant I could get taxis every day. So when I created this project I asked if they'd sponsor me to get around during it and they agreed. It's nice that they continue to 'power me' and enable me to get where I need cheaply and safely. To sign up and get £15 credit use my code emma2k2a at this link.

It's exciting to know that with the new neck brace i've got loads of ways to get around and be where I need to be.


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