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121. Rescuing a baby fox

My friend Sarah and I were waiting at a bus stop last night after the bongo drum workshop. I suddenly became aware that Sarah was talking to a nearby hedge. And then was pulling bits off it. I thought she'd properly lost the plot so i tentatively asked her if she was ok. I think I was a little bit relieved when she told me she was trying to rescue a trapped animal.


With the Fox Project

The Fox Project are a fantastic organisation who look after and rehabilitate injured foxes. If you're able to they're a great charity and would really value any size of donation.


Emptying the bongo drums from her blue Ikea bag she somehow managed to free the tiny baby fox and get it into the bag where it promptly fell asleep (that's a sentence i never thought i'd write!) We were then left with the difficult decision of what to do. Neither of us had much phone battery and we had a fox. In a bag.

We tried calling a few animal rescues but they were all closed at 10:30pm. Sarah was keen to take it home and contact the Fox Project in the morning so we then had possibly the weirdest decision of my week to make. Do we take the fox in the bag on the bus? Or in a taxi?

This is the point that we got giggly. Passers by on buses must have wondered why there were two girls laughing at a seemingly empty Ikea bag by the side of the road at almost 11pm.

We plumped for the taxi, pretended it was a puppy and thanks to a very trusting and uninquisitive Uber driver got the fox, now named Blue, safely to Sarah's. After a restless night as a nervous new fox foster mum Sarah was relieved to see Blue was still sleeping soundly in his cardboard box wrapped in a soft towel in the morning.

A lovely volunteer from the Fox Project came to collect Blue and we were told 'He will pair up with other cubs the same age and weight. They stay with us until after the summer. We then have a soft release programme. They will be released together and have support feeding to start off.'

It's so good to know he's in safe hands.


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