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28. Sausage making

If I was on Death Row my last meal would be sausage, mash and gravy. It's my favourite dinner by a mile. That's not changed since I was a kid, there's something about the meaty, creamy combo that feels like a hug.


With Davs Tau

Davs is someone who's only recently come into my life. We live on the same development but never really spent any time together until last year. And now I can't imagine not knowing her. Our ridiculous missions to get to the Post Office depot before it closes. Our deliberations over that must-have vintage item. And our secret KFC binges. She's a true partner in crime.


I've been lucky to get to know the lovely Heap family who are sausage royalty, over the past few years. They make and serve their gourmet sausages out of their main café in Greenwich, South London and for the sake of my waistline I try not to visit too often. Their sausage rolls are incredible.

We were greeted by owner Martin who told us all about the fresh, quality produce used in the mix while chef Tomasz tore herbs and gently added them to the pork mince. I think I was probably drooling quite heavily from the minute we walked in.

Watching Tomasz fill and twist the skins was spellbinding, to the point that we nicknamed him The Sultan of Sausage.

Heaps is a Greenwich institution and it was great to spend the morning seeing the inner workings. I think it's testament to a product when you see it created from scratch in front of you and would still eat it. I can't imagine the same could be said for supermarket own brands. I'll be paying more visits I think. Sorry waistline.

You can find Heaps online, in their eateries in Greenwich and Deptford and in your home (they're on Deliveroo if you live in the vicinity).


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