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114. School Assembly

I can remember vividly the last few weeks of high school, standing on the brink of heading out into the world on my own. A mix of excitement and fear.


With Caitlin and Bryony Boeshart-Thomas

In 2017 a woman reached out to me on twitter and asked me if i fancied going on a boat with her. That woman was Laurie Boeshart, a Barclays employee, and that boat was the Jubilee Sailing Trust's Lord Nelson which they planned to sail around Britain. We took that voyage together and became like family. So that would make Caitlin and Bryony my sisters.


Today I had the opportunity to give a talk to an assembly of high school students, some of whom are about to head off to university. I felt there were some lessons I have learnt from Parkinson's that might help them if they were feeling uncertain.

Assembly audiences scare me a little bit so I haven't done one in years, it's that sort of silence where you can almost hear a pin drop. I would hope that means they're taking it in.

They were a fantastic group, listening intently with some good questions at the end. I really enjoyed it.

'If we didn’t try new things we would never know about all the amazing things out there to do or the people we’d meet along the way.' Bryony and Caitlin


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