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5. Shooting range

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

I've been excited about today's activity since I booked it mainly due to the fact I knew I would be secretly amazing or predictably terrible at firing a gun and both would be entertaining.


With Adam Dale

Before I was diagnosed I was a freelance designer masquerading as a small creative agency. Work was sporadic so to make ends meet I took on an evening job at a market research studio in Shoreditch. The work was reliable and interesting and the people were an incredible bunch of fellow creatives looking to earn a regular buck. Adam was one of the first people I did a late-night shift with and we chatted about our dreams and aspirations while we ordered client meals and pre-screened respondents.


Adam bravely, or perhaps foolishly, volunteered to come to Alpha Guns in Camden and fire Airsoft weapons with a girl with a fairly unpredictable hand tremor. Our tutor was the wonderful Jeremy. Jeremy was wonderful for 3 reasons:

1. He managed to nail that hard to achieve support level for a stubborn person with physical challenges, so rarely managed by anyone outside my immediate friends and family

2. He knew his subject and was clearly passionate which was infectious

3. He paid for our coffees after at the next door café

'I think investing in your own happiness is incredibly important and something I have been seeking for a long time. If you can learn to find happiness you can learn to love yourself. If you can learn to love yourself happiness comes.' Adam

Jeremy tried a few guns to get the right weight for me, supported the weight when I needed it and suggested ways to improve my shot based on my current wonkiness.

And guess what … I'm actually not terrible at it. Once I got going you could even say I was quite good. Not quite as good as Adam who quite frankly I won't mess with ever again now I know what an accurate marksman he is.

We used:

MP7 Sub Machine Gun

1911 (awesome gold Salient Arms) pistol

M&P9 Pistol

Desert Eagle

Colt M4A1


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