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38. Spanish

Thanks to my dad and his best friend Barry I know only two words of Spanish. 'Dos' and 'cerveza'. I don't even really like Spanish beer.


With Amy Noss

Amy learned Spanish herself when she chose to spend 2 years in Madrid after finishing university. During her time there teaching English she met a lot of South American students and decided to spend a further 9 months in Ecuador. This sums Amy up for me, she's a very together person and I get the feeling if she wants something she goes for it. Amy is Content Editor at Parkinson's UK.


It's a long time since I learnt any Spanish. When we were kids we were going on holiday to Spain and my parents sent us all on a 1 day course at the weekend to learn some basics of the language. I remember thinking it was a really energetic fun language.

Amy had gone to lots of effort prepping materials for our lesson and I loved that. She asked me to bring some photos of my family and friends to use as stimulus which was a nice touch. She's a great teacher, you can tell she has experience.

I really enjoyed the lesson but found the rules around tense and male and female words really taxed my brain. I used to be quite good at French and could easily pick up other languages but I guess its like a muscle and you have to continue to use it.

It's making me think I should definitely pick up a language after this year is over.

'The great thing about teaching someone a language is getting to learn new things about the person you’re helping. It might be a chat about their hobbies, where they’re from or their family. I also love the creativity you can use in getting language across and helping new phrases to stick.' Amy.


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