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197. Swedish

I love Scandinavian languages. They're so bouncy, you can't imagine anyone ever saying anything other than happy things in them.


With Olof Williamson

Olof is Senior Trusts Manager at Parkinson's UK and when I put a shout out on the work intranet he kindly offered to teach me some basics of the Swedish language. Although he grew up in York Olof's Mum hails from Malmo so his parents would talk in Swedish when he was young.


Olof had kindly pulled together some crib sheets for us to work from showing the fundamentals of the language, things like 'hello' and 'goodbye' and numbers and days of the week.

I liked the way the words were shaped and tried a few, running them through my mouth, surprised (yay) that I was actually doing ok at this. Feeling confident with the easier bits I'd tried I cheekily asked Olof to share a few words that would help me out in Ikea, my regular F---itlist source of activities.

My favourite words/phrases:

- Goodbye 'Hej då ' (pronounced hey door)

- Good, thanks 'Bra, tack'

- Meatballs 'Köttbullar

- Chicken 'Kyckling'

I really enjoyed the language and think I need a trip to Sweden now to show off my learnings.


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