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11. Tarot reading

I've always been a bit sceptical of things like Tarot as they're usually so general they could easily apply to anyone. But when I saw a Groupon deal for online readings over email I thought at least they won't be able to see me laughing at them.


With Jemma South

Jemma is Interim Head of Content and Creative at Parkinson's UK and an absolute sweetheart. From her first day I knew she was someone I would like to be friends with. When life is busy and there's always people vying for your free time it's easy to overlook getting to know new people. On my birthday last year, when we only very loosely knew each other, she bought me a bottle of my favourite wine in a glittery giftbag and the fact she had made the effort showed that she was someone I needed to make time for in my life.


I bought two readings, one for me and one for Jemma because she's as sceptical as I am so we would be guaranteed a giggle. It took just under a week for the reading to come back and reading it now stopped me giggling. It's not general, it's specific and elements of it are ridiculously accurate. She spoke about soft tissue problems and a new physician helping, both things I haven't really spoken about on my public social media profiles.

The reading was quite thorough but i'll share with you the main things she believes will happen each month and then we can all be shocked together.

General summary

A sacrifice will have to be made because you cannot and will not accept less than the best or what you know to be intrinsically right.

January: Four of Cups

The focus is on the material aspects of life, such as physical wellbeing or mortality as well as (spiritual) obsessions, desire, want, purpose, ability, and application.

February: XVIII The Moon

The focus is on inner disturbances or disquiet, feelings of foreboding or dread, and a very perplexing, changeable, or deceptive course of affairs in whatever area is most important to you at the moment.

March: King of Swords

The focus is on trying to get ahead or make it in the world; inner and outer conflicts; behaviour modifications; clarity and discernment; legal matters, police, or professional assistance; and/or a person with a Libra-type temperament.

April: Seven of Pentacles

The focus is on a situation, or pause in progress, causing great dissatisfaction, anxiety or depression; there will be a re=evaluation of goals, aspirations or life itself.

May: Ace of Cups

The focus is on affairs concerning the formulation of ideas, love, fresh starts, illumination, inspiration, creative endeavours, pleasure, and satisfaction.

June: Six of Cups

The focus is on environmental changes, comings or goings, short trips or jaunts, friends, lovers, relatives, nostalgia, and work or employment.

July: Six of Swords

The focus is on evaluations, opinions, obstacles, or problems related to public or professional people, career goals, and working relationships.

August: Nine of Cups

The focus is on highly charged emotional events related to personal affairs and material well-being, such as love, career, food, shelter, security, or health.

September: XIV Temperance

The focus is on all the things you thought you had completed or had a handle on -- old friends, lovers, habits, desires, health, money, or business problems -- resurfacing for the sole purpose, it seems, to "test" you to your very core.

October: XIII Death

The focus is on endings and new beginnings in career, partnerships, or status quo -- new conditions, new opportunities, and/or a new lifestyle.

November: Queen of Pentacles

The focus is on hopes, wishes and aspirations; verification and tangible results; compassion for, or service to mankind (or the ministry); finance and profit; and/or a person with an Aquarian-type temperament.

December: Two of Pentacles

The focus is on emotional tribulation due to difficult schedules; endeavours that seem to be in vain; ineffective verbal or written efforts and business losses or discouragements.

'My reading rang true in quite a few respects which is surprising to me because I’m due to finish a job this year and it was very much focused on the next step. It articulated something I hadn’t quite articulated to myself about what I could do rather than what I felt I should do. She tapped into my internal conflict about whether to follow my heart and a creative path or whether to do something professional, secure and sensible. It’s given me the strength to take a risk and pursue what makes me happy, and to be prepared for challenges along that path. But that I need to have the strength to work through that and to come out stronger.' Jemma.


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