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81. Three great things

My friend Sarah practices gratitude every day and thinks of 3 great things that happen during it, writing them up on her facebook group.


With Sarah Waite

Founder of Sēing, Sarah is a qualified psychologist, coach, hypnotherapist, meditation teacher, and vibro-acoustics (sound healing / gong) practitioner. She’s been meditating since her teens, and even (accidentally) lived with nuns. Over the years, she’s taught, worked with hundreds of people and companies, in sessions, events, talks and workshops, all over the world. I met Sarah at an event I was sharing my story at and loved her warmth and openness. Person description


I'm feeling in need of a little positivity so i thought i'd give it a go:

1. I'm grateful for the fact that i'm going to Yorkshire tomorrow to do a cheese making workshop.

2. I'm grateful that I managed to get all my tasks finished at work so I can switch off for the day tomorrow and enjoy the weekend.

3. I'm grateful to have friends like my mate Kat who is driving us the whole way to Yorkshire and back again in a rental car.


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