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2. Tuaca

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

Today was supposed to be jellied eels day. We prepped so thoroughly for the fact it was jellied eels day (watching the Mighty Boosh episode, singing the song from the Mighty Boosh episode, recording our friend Joey singing the song from the Mighty Boosh episode etc etc) we missed the eel shacks being open.


With Merlin Osborn and Luke Wardd

The epically named Merlin (not actually wand weilding but a British Army medic so a magician of sorts) found his love of travelling and trying new things initially through his work. Blogger and owner of Luke quit his job in 2016 to travel the world and live life as a digital nomad. Luke and Merlin joined the Global Convoy on their MAYhem 2017 trip.


So our backup plan was to try some Tuaca. The brandy based liqueur is known as Brighton's favourite drink and near impossible to order at a bar in the UK outside of the town. The Italian tipple, popular during the Renaissance period, was originally shipped over in 1996 as part of a bet involving a local publican who fell in love with it on holiday in America.

I can see why. It's actually pretty tasty when you get past the burn, like a citrussy, vanilla infused non vomit-inducing Jagermeister. Probably wouldn't recommend drinking it through a straw but I have to so everyone else joined me.

'Enjoy life before it's too late. I whole heartedly believe in a song lyric that says "Do one thing everyday that scares you." Merlin

We enjoyed our Tuaca in the cosy Mash Tun.

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