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91. Tulip meditation

There is a mindfulness practice that involves REALLY looking at a rose, all its component parts, it's strengths and differences, in order to bring clarity and calm.


With Sarah Waite

Founder of Sēing, Sarah is a qualified psychologist, coach, hypnotherapist, meditation teacher, and vibro-acoustics (sound healing / gong) practitioner. She’s been meditating since her teens, and even (accidentally) lived with nuns. Over the years, she’s taught, worked with hundreds of people and companies, in sessions, events, talks and workshops, all over the world. I met Sarah at an event I was sharing my story at and loved her warmth and openness.


I asked Sarah, as it's the 1st of April, the 1st day of Parkinson's Awareness month, whether we could switch up the rose for a tulip, the flower of Parkinson's (I have no idea why it is *)

When you really look at something it's fascinating all the tiny things you spot.

* Apparently the red tulip has been associated with Parkinson’s awareness since 1980 when a Dutch horticulturalist who had PD developed a red and white tulip and named it "Dr. James Parkinson.”


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