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10. Walking tall

Today I had my first Orthotics appointment and got a PROPER neck brace 18 months after my neck first started misbehaving.

I'm actually a little speechless and struggling to put into words how this feels. But my mum, my incredible mum, as always has managed to sum it up so beautifully:

'Just as important as learning new skills is the art of recapturing or fighting for the skills you lose. My biggest challenge over the past 18 months has been to support Emma in her mission to look the world in the eye again. After all the googling, fighting and frustration, the simple act of two health professionals listening, acknowledging the problem and fitting the correct brace brought tears to my eyes. You will always be Emma, whatever tricks your body plays on you and getting used to the brace could be your biggest challenge yet -but it is wonderful to see your face again.' Mum

As I was showing my friend my new brace she noticed that there was an arrow on the side of it the exact size and shape of the yellow arrow pin badges I give out to everyone who participates in this project.

'F---ing destiny.' Emma


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