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80. Wardrobe detox (planning)

I'm planning a massive wardrobe detox, mainly because I have come to the point that my wardrobe is bursting at the seams, not because I want to actually lose or give away anything. I'm definitely a clothes hoarder, saving things i never wear for the one day i might or for the children i might never choose to have.


With Gabriella Simioni (aka Wardrobe Boss)

Growing up the eldest of four sisters Gabriella always took charge of making sure their wardrobes were immaculate. Now she streamlines the wardrobes of bloggers, influencers, vips and anyone who wants to eliminate clothing stress. As Gabriella says,

​'tidy wardrobe, tidy mind.'


In preparation for 'the big detox of 2019, i've been nerding out on YouTube videos and when I saw this talk by The Wardrobe Boss I couldn't help but be excited about what she could potentially teach me. She is a dab hand at sorting and de-cluttering closets and her instagram is like tidying porn.

She shared some great tips about how to organise storage in tiny spaces and how to fold clothes in a realistically time-friendly way. I came away from the talk feeling excited about the process and keen to book a day soon to do the deed.


The right coathanger is more than just aesthetics I'm guilty every so often of going and buying a load of wooden coathangers because they look nice all hanging in a row. But they shouldn't be used for everything. They take up too much space and aren't necessary for every item. When doing a detox take everything off every hanger and start afresh loading back on. Use wooden ones for jackets and blazers and then use the velvety coated ones for other things as they stop the items sliding off.

Do a detox with a friend

They're not emotionally attached to those jeans you'll never fit back into.

Set aside enough time

Detoxing a double wardrobe can take around a day so make sure you leave enough time so that you don't run out of time and end up piling the leftover bits back in your cupboard at the end of the day willy-nilly.


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