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56. Webinar

I give a lot of talks but haven't done a webinar. I was excited because I could do it from work (not having to travel is always a bonus) but a bit concerned because my laptop camera is aggressively HD.


With Lucy Gower

I met Lucy through my friend Jude and immediately felt like we had similar outlooks on life. She is an author, speaker, coach and the founder of Lucidity, a network specialising in giving people the tools and confidence to take charge of their own working life and achieve the results that they want.


Lucy asked me to talk about this list, the reasons why I set it up and how I keep my motivation on it. It was interesting to think about it from this perspective, I've been honest about the reasons I set it up but have never really thought about how I will keep it going and why it's important to me that I do. Why do I set myself these big challenges rather than just testing the water and trying things for a month? I think it's because I know myself well enough to know I might not stick at them if they're just small challenges. With something bigger there's the added pressure of people following along as its gathering momentum.

We talked about how other people could come out of their comfort zones and it made me realise not everyone responds well to this way of working. Some people if pushed in at the deep end thrive. Others panic, need rescuing and never go back in the water. I think a lot of what I'm doing is because I know that l'm the former of those two characters. I'm also surrounded by some incredible people doing incredible things who help spur me on and have become my horizon line of what's 'normal' with regards to pushing ourselves.

This is why I like the idea of the Lucidity network, a bunch of people with common outlooks sharing ideas and motivation because sometimes you don't get exactly what you need in that way from the people around you. I'm lucky to but not everyone has those people in their network or in their group of friends who will be their cheerleaders. The fact that when I tell my parents I'm doing stuff like this they just support me I think shows the level of freedom they gave me as a child and have always given me to flourish as best I can. The fact I can tell my friends I'm doing this and they don't laugh at me is appreciated beyond words. Not everyone has that and that's where making or joining a network of people with common goals is handy.

You can join the Lucidity facebook community here.

'Your comfort zone is your safe place. It’s the place where there is little stress or anxiety. It’s comfortable. However, the world we live in is not comfortable, it’s constantly changing and to thrive you too have to constantly change and adapt. Making any sort of change happen involves learning to get comfortable with uncomfortable and step out of your comfort zone on a regular basis to keep learning and keep growing – because what got you here won’t get you there.' Lucy.


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